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Meta Motion provides the world's largest assortment of best of breed motion capture hardware and software solutions as well as motion capture services. Our 3D animation motion capture hardware and software includes: Gypsy 5, Gypsy Gyro-18, Motion Captor Sapphire and Ruby systems, Datagloves by 5DT and Cybergloves by Immersion as well as Standard Deviation Face Trackers and MotionBuilder.

Gypsy Gyro motion capture system is the only system capable of capturing all the nuance of an actor's performance. Additionally it captures the weight of an actor's performance so the characters do not seem to float. Gypsy Gyro's got snap - which makes a huge difference when it comes to creating the highest quality 3D animation.

Gypsy 5 motion capture system is the world's most affordable real-time mocap system.

Motion Captor optical motion capture system provides exceptionally clean data with a fraction of the learning curve (and a fraction of the cost) of other optical motion capture systems for creating 3D Character Animation

MotionBuilder motion capture software provides exceptional visualization abilities by displaying an actor's motions on a 3D character in real-time.
These real-time rendering capabilities also make it an essential tool for performance animation for broadcast or live events.
We also provide optical motion capture systems (Motion Captor, Moviemento) and Datagloves and Cybergloves and face trackers.

Meta Motion's experience in the motion capture field is an extremely valuable resource when it comes to getting your job done right
- on time, on budget, and with the highest quality.

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